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Are you looking for some exciting activities for your vacation? If yes, you have come to the right place. We at Enduro Bike Dubai provide many desert adventures so you can have a memorable and fun time with your friends and family members.

Our services include Dune Buggy Excursions in Dubai, Quad Biking in Dubai, Dirt Biking tours, and premium desert safaris.

These tours offer breathtaking views of the desert landscape and some thrilling and adrenaline-pumping activities. Invest in an unforgettable tour for your friends and family and take a break from your daily routine. What are you waiting for? Book your tour now or contact our staff if you need more information; they will gladly answer your queries.

dune bike

Dune Buggy Dubai

Experience the thrill of navigating the mesmerizing Dubai desert dunes in our powerful dune buggies Dubai. Our adrenaline-pumping dune buggy adventures are perfect for those seeking an unforgettable off-road experience.

polaris rzr 14


Starts From AED899.00
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Starts From AED950.00
Polaris RZR Turbo S-Dune Buggy Dubai

Polaris RZR Turbo S ( Early Morning ) 

Starts From

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Starts From AED1399.00
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POLARIS RZR Fossil Rock Tour 

Starts From

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Single Seater Polaris RS1 

Starts From

Dune Buggy Tours in Dubai: An Exciting Way to Explore Deserts

There is no better way to experience the desert life of Dubai than by taking a dune buggy ride. Everyone who visits Dubai or resides there should experience a dune buggy ride through the desert. You and your family can enjoy the most thrilling buggy tours with Enduro Bike Dubai. We offer dune buggy tours that are sure to make your experience memorable. Book our two-seater dune buggies or self-driven buggies are ideal for making your Dubai vacation memorable.

Dune Buggy For Desert Excursions

We now have the best buggies available for rent. We include the latest models of Polaris RZR 1000 and Cam-am Maverick for our guests.

Off-road vehicles like these can be used side-by-side on rough terrain and have a significant clearance above the ground. Check out our amazing deals for dune buggy Dubai tours for 1-seater, 2-seater, and 4-seater buggies to accommodate your group.

Book Dune Buggy Rental Tours in Dubai

Dune buggy Dubai tours provide an exciting way to enjoy the red sands of the desert. Our tours allow family and friends to travel in Dubai’s desert terrain in a safe and friendly way.


We keep all our buggies top-notch quality, ready to serve our guests. Every buggy has safety features to ensure the rider has a safe and enjoyable ride. These features include soft bucket seats, roll cages, and handlebars.

For additional security, we also provide helmets, knee pads, and goggles that help to prevent injury in case of a mishap.

Dirt Biking Tours in Dubai

Dirt Bike Dubai

KTM 450cc 2023 model

Starts From

PHOTO 2023 02 07 16 58 38 6

KTM 450cc 2023 model

Starts From

PHOTO 2023 02 07 17 00 17

KTM 450cc 2023 model

Starts From

KTM 450cc-Dirt Biking Dubai

KTM 450cc 2023 model

Starts From

PHOTO 2023 02 07 16 58 38 1

KTM 450cc 2023 model

Starts From

Book a Dirt Bike For an Amazing Off-Road Experience

For avid thrill seekers, we offer you dirt biking Dubai tours to full-fil your adventure cravings.

At Enduro Bike Dubai, we offer high-quality and well-maintained dirt bikes you can rent to explore the wilderness of the desert. These bikes can handle rough desert terrain easily and keep the rider safe and comfortable during the ride.


We ensure that newcomers and experienced riders alike have a great time with the help of our expert team. Travel through the Arabian desert for a unique and unforgettable experience filled with breathtaking natural scenery!

Embark on an Epic Dirt Biking Journey in Dubai

A dirt bike is a two-wheeled, lightweight vehicle for extended off-road use. Dirt biking Dubai tour is a great way to experience an off-road adventure. The wind in your hair and the sun’s warmth on your face in the wilderness creates a sense of freedom, making bike riding enjoyable and exciting.

Book Your Ultimate Dirt Biking Dubai Adventure

Our dirt biking Dubai tours are a great way to experience a fun vacation and create unforgettable memories. We have many dirt bikes with different power engines and keep adding new models if they are better than the previous ones. The KTM 450cc bike is one of our specialties, and we have extensive knowledge of these bikes and keep them well-maintained and in excellent working order all the time. 

Our company also provides our customers with specialized modern equipment that ensures they remain safe from head to toe. To make the most of your time in Dubai, we offer riding lessons for beginners and guided dirt bike tours. Our packages also include off-road racing opportunities for those looking for a challenge.

Desert Quad Biking in Dubai Booking


Polaris Sportman 570cc

Starts From


Polaris Sportman 570cc

Starts From

Conquer The Desert Dunes Through Quad Biking Dubai Tours

Do you find driving a car to be monotonous? Have you ever experienced Quading at full speed? With quad bike rental in Dubai, you can experience the thrill of riding down dunes at high speeds. During a quad bike ride in Dubai, you will have the opportunity to experience the fantastic views of the irregular desert en route amidst steep slopes, plateaus, and narrow canyons.

We at Enduro Bike Dubai will provide an unforgettable Quad Bike Rental Dubai experience. Our tours feature an exciting ride through stunning desert scenery, guided by an expert guide who includes safety instructions.

Ultimate Quad Bike Rental Experience in Dubai

Regardless of your experience level or level of expertise, Enduro Bike Dubai offers a variety of options to suit your needs. A variety of powerful and well-maintained quad bikes and ATVs are available for you to select from that meet your preferences and are within your budget. Whether you choose guided tours or venture out independently, you can explore at your own pace in the vast expanse of the desert.

Check out our amazing packages for Quad Biking Dubai, and call us to book your tour.

Rent a Quad Bike and Explore the Vast Desert of Dubai

Quad bikes are the best means of exploring the Dubai desert. A bike like this is specifically built to be used on sand, offering several advantages over other types of bikes. These bikes typically have several gears, enabling users to easily adjust the speed for different terrains. Additionally, they have sand-resisting tires that provide excellent traction.

A quad bike, or all-terrain vehicle (ATV), can drive on any surface. Consider booking Quad Biking Dubai tours when you visit Dubai next time you’re in the city.

Quad Bike tours in Dubai offer a unique experience in exploring the desert landscape off-road. An adequately maintained quad bike can easily traverse the dunes and rocky terrain, granting thrill seekers an unforgettable experience.

Desert Safari Dubai Tour Booking

Premium Desert Safari Dubai Booking

Desert Safari Package ( Self Drive )

Starts From

Desert Safari Package ( Bus Pick Up )

Desert Safari Package ( Bus Pick Up )

Starts From

Desert Safari Package ( 4x4 Pick Up )​

Desert Safari Package ( 4×4 Pick Up )

Starts From

Take Part in Desert Safari Dubai Adventure For a Memorable Experience

Would you like to take a break from your busy schedule? Are you looking for something exciting and fun to try? Visiting Dubai for a desert safari might be exactly what you need. Dubai offers some of the best desert safaris in the stunning deserts of the UAE. Watch the orange sunset while experiencing one of the city’s most exciting activities.

From dawn until dusk, Enduro Bike Dubai offers a thrilling experience with evening desert safaris, private desert safaris, and self-drive safari packages. The breathtaking and thrilling activities offered in the red dunes of the desert draw thousands of tourists to Desert Safari Dubai adventures each year.

Dunes & Delights: Embark on a Thrilling Desert Safari Dubai Tour

Desert Safari Dubai offers an exciting and fun outdoor experience at an affordable price. Despite the desert’s appearance of calmness and motionlessness, Enduro Bike Dubai’s desert safari activities bring life to Dubai’s golden sands. We strive to provide unique experiences that delight customers and keep them returning for more.

In addition to quad bikes, dune buggies, and dirt bikes, many other activities on desert safari trips will surely send a tingle down your spine. Even if you don’t enjoy adventure, you can still relax at a Bedouin camp, which offers a lavish barbecue dinner, live entertainment, and an overnight stay. As part of the camp dinner, vegetarians and non-vegetarians are also provided with options.

Book a Desert Safari For a Lifetime Experience

With Enduro Bike Dubai, you can uncover the secrets of Dubai’s desert unforgettably. The tours we offer cater to a wide range of experience levels.

Experience the breathtaking views of Dubai’s dunes when you participate in our Desert Safari Dubai tour. Spend one day feeling like a Bedouin while exploring the Emirate’s most remote and untouched areas!

There is nothing like a Desert Safari Dubai experience. You can choose from short excursions or a fully-fledged expedition. For short excursions, you can choose a morning safari tour. A 4×4 Landcruiser picks you up from your city location and takes you to the desert, where you can experience dune bashing and sandboarding following camel rides.

For a full-fledged experience, you can book an evening desert safari tour with a night stay in camp, BBQ, and many adventurous activities.

As a part of the safari package, you will be provided with water and refreshments to energize you for the activities you will engage in.

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Enjoy your Adventures Desert Safari Tour with Enduro Bike Dubai's Special Discount

Looking for your next adventure?  Bring out your thirst for adventure and be the first one to enjoy our best-selling desert safari tour for a limited time only.⁣Contact us today for bookings and more information:


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Dirt Bike Ride
3 Services
Motocross Motivation Take your motorbike riding feats even further into the Arabian desert. 2022 KTM 450 + Full riding gear 750AED
Off-Road Motorbike Excursion A 3-hour tour! To ensure we provide everyone with the best possible experience. 900AED
Extreme Rev Motorbike Challenge Think you can push your motorbiking exploits to the next level? Discover the answer during four hours of adrenaline packed action. 1,100AED
Dune Buggy Ride
4 Services
Dune Buggy Ride 1 Person Dubai's Desert Safari Adventure on a Dune Buggy 700AED Starts From
Dune Buggy Ride 2 Persons A tour of desert safari on a dune buggy with your friend or partner 900AED Starts From
Dune Buggy Ride 4 Persons Helmet + Goggles + Gloves + Refreshments included 990AED Starts From
CanAm Maverick Buggy Tour Dubai's Desert Safari Adventure on a Dune Buggy 1,300AED Starts From
Quad Bike Ride
1 Services
Rapid Raid: Quad Edition Self-Drive tour with an experienced Tour Guide Automatic Polaris Sportman 570cc Helmet, Goggle and Gloves Refreshments 449AED Starts From
Desert Safari Tour
4 Services
Desert Safari Package ( Self Drive ) 1) Camel Ride 2) Unlimited soft drink and water 3) Shesha 4) Henna Tattoo painting 5) Belly Dance live 6) Tanoura Show live 7) Fire show live 8) International Open Buffet 9) Unlimited Food suitable for both Veg and Non 60AED
Desert Safari Package ( Bus Pick Up ) 1) Camel Ride 2) Unlimited soft drink and water 3) Shesha 4) Henna Tattoo painting 5) Belly Dance live 6) Tanoura Show live 7) Fire show live 8) International Open Buffet 9) Unlimited Food suitable for both Veg and Non 70AED
Desert Safari Package ( 4x4 Pick Up ) 1) Camel Ride 2) Unlimited soft drink and water 3) Shesha 4) Henna Tattoo painting 5) Belly Dance live 6) Tanoura Show live 7) Fire show live 8) International Open Buffet 9) Unlimited Food suitable for both Veg and Non 110AED
Vip Desert Safari Package ( 4x4 Pick Up 1) Camel Ride 2) Unlimited soft drink and water 3) Shesha 4) Henna Tattoo painting 5) Belly Dance live 6) Tanoura Show live 7) Fire show live 8) International Open Buffet 9) Unlimited Food suitable for both Veg and Non 160AED
Enduro Bike Dubai, Al-Badayer - Dubai-Hatta Rd - Dubai

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Very organized and professional. I had the 2 seater cam-am tour for the early bird schedule and it was awesome. Our guide (Quintin) was very professional and made the experience very enjoyable and safe. He is very polite, welcoming and encourages all kinds of questions or enquiries. Highly recommend the Enduro Bike Dubai.
Canay Akcali
Canay Akcali2022-08-06
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It was so much F.U.N ! Absouletly stunned with the beauty of the desert and captivated by the infinity of it… Our dearst guide William’s expertise made us feel safe and comfortable throughout the Safari. Not only he contributes to your general culture (well, i definitely learnt several cool things to show off to people 😉 also he shows you his photographer skills! 🙂 I also did the sandboarding, in which i discovered that im natural haha ! Honestly, we enjoyed every second of it and left the adventure with life time memories! <3 Thank you ! 🙂 #faroo #endurobikedubai
Thys Basson
Thys Basson2023-04-01
Read More
What an amazing experience! Thank you Enduro Bike Dubai for the adventure tour through the desert and a bigger thanks to Faroo as our guide that made it even more memorable. Definitely a must do when visiting Dubai.


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