Dubai vs Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

Dubai vs Desert Safari Abu Dhabi: What To Choose

Planning to go on a desert safari in the Middle East? Consequently, you may be contemplating which destination is best for you – Dubai or Abu Dhabi.


This blog post aims to help you decide by comparing Dubai’s desert safaris with those of Abu Dhabi’s.


Find out more about the unique attractions of each city by reading on!

Dubai and Abu Dhabi Desert Safaris: Differences and Similarities

There are notable differences between the two safaris, particularly in the size of the desert, the activities available, and the prices. Despite being a smaller desert, Dubai offers a variety of activities like camel riding, dune bashing, and entertainment.


However, Abu Dhabi has the largest desert area with dunes and traditional sandboarding and quad biking activities. Compared to Dubai, Abu Dhabi safaris are typically costlier since they are conducted in the larger desert and are more luxurious. There is no doubt that every desert safari provides a unique experience. However, before you decide which safari is right for you, you should consider your budget and the activities you intend to do.


Well, that was a brief difference between each safari. Now let’s discuss in detail about them starting with Dubai.

A. Desert Safari in Dubai - An Overview

Dubai has many things to enjoy, from luxury shopping and fine dining to desert safaris, making it one of the most popular destinations in the Middle East. Exploring the dunes in various ways, from luxury Land Rover tours to classic camel rides, is possible. 


With various activities and entertainment, Dubai’s desert safari experience combines the exploration of stunning landscapes with indulgence. Furthermore, there is something to suit every budget with various packages and prices. A desert safari in Dubai is the ideal way to experience the desert landscape of the United Arab Emirates.

A. Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi: An Overview

Compared to Dubai excursions, the Abu Dhabi desert safari is considered to be more luxurious and sophisticated. Abu Dhabi has one of the biggest desert areas in the UAE, with higher and more extensive dune fields than Dubai.


For the safari experience, you can take camel rides, enjoy a barbecue dinner, participate in entertainment programs, and sandboard.


A higher price tag is associated with safaris in Abu Dhabi, but they are renowned for their high quality. It is well worth considering for someone seeking a memorable experience that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

B. Main Difference Between Both Safaris

Desert safaris in Dubai and Abu Dhabi differ based on the types of services they offer. An average Dubai safari includes a camel ride, henna painting, dune bashing, sand skiing, and a desert barbecue. 


The Abu Dhabi desert safari offers numerous activities, including quad biking, sand boarding, a falconry display, and Arabian dancing. Although both deserts offer exciting experiences, Abu Dhabi’s safari is recognized as being more lavish than other desert safaris.

C. Price and Package Differences

The two desert safaris have a substantial difference in prices and packages. There is an additional cost for Abu Dhabi’s desert safaris due to using private jeeps and additional amenities.

Dubai offers more single-day and multi-day tour packages than other cities. It is also possible to choose a package with varying levels of luxury.

D. Location Differences

Desert safaris in Abu Dhabi are made more luxurious and sophisticated by the vastness of its dunes. However, despite its smaller dunes, Dubai’s sand pattern makes its distinctive appearance possible. 


A desert safari combined with a shopping trip is possible in Dubai because of its proximity to malls and shopping centers. There are similar activities in both deserts, such as camel riding, BBQ dinners, entertainment programs, and sandboarding, but their unique location and characteristics provide unique experiences.

Why Should You Choose Abu Dhabi Desert Safari?

A desert safari in Abu Dhabi has many advantages, including a larger area, more vast dunes, and the opportunity to learn how Bedouins travel. There are also luxury tours available in Abu Dhabi that are more expensive than those in Dubai.

Why Should You Choose Dubai Desert Safari?

Those seeking a more traditional desert experience should consider Dubai a possible destination. Camels ride along the sand dunes while the sun sets in the background is one of life’s most memorable experiences.

Furthermore, sandboarding, quad biking, dune bashing, and more can also be enjoyed here. As well as providing great packages at reasonable prices, Dubai is the best choice for those who want a budget-friendly tour. 

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Choosing the Right Option

Choosing between Dubai and Abu Dhabi as the location for your desert safari often depends on your preferences. A Dubai desert safari may be better if you seek a reasonably priced energetic and glamorous experience.


Alternatively, if you’d like to become familiar with Bedouin culture and want a more luxurious experience, then an Abu Dhabi desert safari might be something you’d like to consider.

Final Words : Dubai and Abu Dhabi Desert Safaris

Several things are comparable between the desert safaris in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, including camel rides, barbecues, entertainment, and sandboarding. A few changes may be made, such as a price increase, the addition of some fun activities, and menu changes.


Plan the perfect desert safari by considering what you want from it and what parts you’re most interested in. Use the information you gain from your research to make a well-informed decision.


Even so, if you are staying in or visiting a city with a desert safari, you may want to consider taking it.

FAQ's - Dubai And Abu Dhabi Desert Safaris

1. How does the Desert Safari in Dubai and Abu Dhabi work?

In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, desert safaris are popular tourist activities that involve exploring the desert and participating in various adventurous activities in the desert. You'll also enjoy cultural performances, camel rides, sandboarding, and traditional Arabic food.

2. How do Dubai Desert Safari and Abu Dhabi Desert Safari differ?

Despite the similarity of the Desert Safari experiences offered by Dubai and Abu Dhabi, some differences must be considered. Dubai is famous for its tourism industry. It is larger and more developed than any other city in the world and offers a range of options for desert safaris at reasonable prices. However, a desert experience in Abu Dhabi is likely more tranquil and less crowded, resulting in a more intimate experience while costing more.

3. What activities do Desert Safaris include?

Among the Desert Safari activities are dune bashing and camel riding. Sandboarding is the practice of sliding down the dunes on a sandboard. Further, there are cultural performances, henna paintings, traditional Arabian costumes, and photography. A buffet dinner featuring Arabic cuisine may also be included in the package.

4. When is the best time of day to go on a desert safari?

Visitors can enjoy the picturesque sunset over the desert during desert safaris, typically from late afternoon to early evening. During this period, the weather is pleasant, creating the perfect conditions for an enjoyable desert experience.

5. Are Desert Safari activities suitable for children?

Children can generally participate in Desert Safari activities. However, it is important to note that certain activities may be restricted to certain age groups or have safety guidelines. Be sure to inquire about any restrictions or restrictions that may apply to the particular Desert Safari package or tour operator.

6. Is transportation included in Desert Safari tours?

There is transportation included in most Desert Safaris in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Most tour operators will arrange transportation to and from the desert in a comfortable vehicle.