What to Wear in Dubai Desert Safari?

Sand wanderers and desert dreamers! You’ve decided to take on the exhilarating Dubai desert safari – a voyage into the heart of those mesmerizing dunes. But hold on a second! Before you buckle up for this sandy escapade, let’s talk about something super important: what you’re going to wear.


Yep, your choice of attire isn’t just about looking good (though that’s a bonus), it’s about nailing comfort and having a blast while you’re at it. Picture this as your guide to being the ultimate desert fashion guru. From keeping cool under the blazing sun to staying cozy when the stars twinkle above, we’ve got your back.


Get ready to dress like a desert pro and make those golden sands your runway! Ready? Let’s dive into the world of desert-chic and practicality – where style and adventure collide.

Understanding the Desert Environment

Dubai’s desert is like a canvas painted with golden sands, stretching out as far as the eye can see. The climate here is unlike any other – it’s a mix of mesmerizing and challenging.


Expect intense heat during the day, but don’t be surprised if the temperature drops considerably at night. This unique blend of elements makes dressing appropriately a must for a hassle-free desert adventure.

Day-to-Night Temperature Rollercoaster

Dubai’s desert isn’t just a sauna during the day; it’s also a chilly playground at night. When the sun is high, temperatures can soar to scorching levels. However, as the sun takes its well-deserved break, the desert’s open expanse lets the heat escape, causing the nights to get surprisingly chilly.


This drastic shift from day to night temperatures means your outfit needs to be versatile – helping you stay cool under the sun and snug when the stars twinkle above.

1. Essential Cloths for a Desert Safari

Lets dive into essential cloths for a desert safari :

i. Light and Breathable Fabrics

Let’s start with the golden rule of desert fashion: light and breathable fabrics are your best friends. When the sun decides to turn up the heat, you’ll be glad you chose materials that let your skin breathe.


Lightweight fabrics not only keep you cool by allowing air to circulate but also wick away sweat, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable throughout your adventure. Think cotton and linen – these natural wonders are perfect for absorbing moisture and giving you that breezy feeling even when the sun is blazing.

ii. Long and Loose Clothing

You might be tempted to bare it all under the desert sun, but trust us, long-sleeved shirts and pants are your secret weapons. Not only do they shield you from the intense rays of the sun, preventing sunburn and keeping your skin happy, but they also offer protection against the sneaky sand that likes to make its way into every crevice.


Plus, when exploring conservative regions, opting for long and loose clothing shows respect for local customs and traditions.

iii. Comfortable Footwear

Now, let’s talk about your feetthe unsung heroes of your desert escapade. The desert sand can get incredibly hot, and trust us, you don’t want to be doing a dance on those scorching grains. Closed-toe shoes are your go-to for protecting your feet from the sizzling sand.


But, if you’re more of a free spirit, comfortable sandals with sturdy soles or hiking shoes designed for rugged terrain are great alternatives. These not only provide protection but also keep your feet comfy as you wander through the dunes.

2. Headwear and Accessories

Lets dive into essential cloths for a desert safari :

i. Wide-brimmed Hat

Picture this: a wide-brimmed hat isn’t just a stylish accessory; it’s your ultimate shield against the desert sun. Its broad brim serves as a personal shade provider, keeping your face and neck protected from the sun’s intense rays.


And that’s not all – it’s like your sunburn bodyguard, reducing the risk of those painful burns and even heatstroke. So, rock that hat like it’s your desert crown!

ii. Sunglasses

Your eyes deserve some VIP treatment too. Desert sun can be harsh, and UV rays don’t mess around. Wearing sunglasses isn’t just a style statement; it’s an essential shield against UV rays that could otherwise harm your eyes.


Look for sunglasses with UV-blocking lenses – they’re like SPF for your eyes, ensuring you can enjoy those breathtaking desert views without any worries.

3. Sun Protection

Lets dive into essential cloths for a desert safari :

i. Sunscreen

Sunscreen isn’t negotiable in the desert – it’s your armor against the sun’s relentless assault. Slather on a high SPF sunscreen to all your exposed skin, creating a barrier against sunburn and those unwanted tan lines.


Oh, and don’t forget the reapplication routine throughout the day. It’s like giving your skin a refreshing drink while keeping those UV rays at bay.

ii. Scarf or Shemagh

For an extra dose of sun protection, grab a lightweight scarf or shemagh (traditional Middle Eastern headgear). Wrap it around your neck and face, not just for a touch of desert-chic but also as a barrier against the sun and wind. It’s like having your own portable oasis of shade, keeping you feeling cool and looking cool.

4. Evening Attire for Desert Safari

Evenings in the desert bring a cool breeze and starry skies. Prepare for the temperature drop by layering up. Pack a light jacket or shawl to stay cozy and stylish as the sun sets.

5. Footwear for Evening Activities

Closed-toe shoes are a must for evening adventures. They keep you warm in the desert’s cooler nights and protect your feet from insects and sand, letting you focus on the magic of the moment.

Final Words - Dubai Desert Safari

Embracing the Dubai desert’s enchanting landscapes requires more than just a spirit of adventure; it demands a thoughtful approach to your wardrobe. By choosing lightweight and breathable fabrics, donning long and loose clothing, and embracing protective accessories like wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses, you’re not just gearing up for a fashionable adventure, but also safeguarding yourself against the sun’s intensity.


Remember to arm yourself with high-SPF sunscreen and a scarf or shemagh for added protection. As the sun sets, be prepared for cooler temperatures by layering up with a light jacket or shawl, and opt for closed-toe shoes that shield you from both the night’s chill and the desert’s surprises. So, dear desert explorers, let these tips be your guiding stars for a remarkable Dubai desert safari.


Your comfort and enjoyment are just an outfit choice away – now go forth, make memories amidst the sands, and let your desert attire become part of your unforgettable adventure!